Billy's Story - UPDATED!

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This story is about me, Billy, and how I’ve made the change you can see above using my products.  This is a warts-and-all telling – I’m no saint when it comes to overeating and bad habits. Just because I know better doesn’t mean I do better! I was worried about sharing this with everyone as I obviously still have a long way to go, but our Facebook Secret Support Group members have convinced me that an honest presentation of my progress to date would be more inspiring than waiting until I actually reach my goal!

I have been over weight for a long time.  Since my teenage years and I am 41!  Like many people I have lost some and gained more and lost some again.  I have joined and failed on many "slimming clubs" and tried every diet under the sun.  Sometimes someone would ask what I do for a living.  "Sell diet food!", I would say with a little laugh, followed by "I don't eat it!".  Since starting Billy's Diet over 7 years ago, I have started on a Monday and failed by Tuesday so many times!  At a large size 22, I was not the best person to be promoting healthy eating and weight loss!

Please read on for my lastest update on my journey!  I hope it inspires you to try and lose weight with us.

I have not updated my story for a while.  Mainly as I keep losing 2 stone and gaining it and losing it again.

However I feel like I have something to share now!

I have been dieting this time round since March '17, with April off and 2 weeks in August.  I am mostly low calorie dieting, eating my packs and low calorie food, trying to stick to around 1000 calories per day.

The same as everyone I have good days and bad days but generally I have been doing well.

I have lost 42lbs!  Which is 3 stone.  Added to my loses before, from my heaviest, I have now lost over 4 1/2 stone.  I wanted to wait till I got to 5 stone but could not wait to share with you all!  I have 3lb to go to reach 5 stone....

In 2014 I was a size 22-24 and now I can fit comfortably into most size 16 clothes.

But best of all, and the reason I have a huge smile on my face most of the time, is that I now weigh less than I have for around 14 years!  I remember joining a diet club and finding out 2 weeks later I was pregnant with my son Max, who is just about to turn 13!

Now that I have reached and in fact smashed that target I really feel like I have achieve something.  I am determined to not go up again!