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Since October last year I have gained 2 stone!  I have dieted on and off during this time but a family all inclusive holiday, Christmas, UK trips & family visiting have all caught up with me and it is time to take control again.

When I was told about the Keto Kick Tea I could not wait to try it.  I know that my Total Food Replacement Plan has the best ketosis weight loss so I opted for 2 weeks TFR and 2 weeks KK Tea.  Last time I did 2 week TFR I lost 9lbs in a week so I was hoping for a great loss with the KK Tea.

I have been keeping a log on my facebook group (click HERE to join) and below is an copy of a few days.

My 2 week trial is over now and I am so happy with my results that I am carrying on!

In the 2 weeks I have lost 17lbs, which is way more than I usually would.  12lbs in the first week but unusually 5 more in the second week, I often lose only 1 or 2lbs in the second week.  I have also lost 7 inches off my hips, waist and under bust!

I am delighted and am carrying on with ketosis and the KK Tea but adding a small amount of food, like my everyday plan, to see how this effects my weight losses.


Day: 1 of 14
Packs eaten: MRP oat porridge, MRP spicy spag, MRP cottage pie, MRP choc peanut bar, 250ml of unsweetened almond milk. Calories 670 ish including the almond milk, Carbs 56g
Water: 4 litres of water, endless cups of coffee
How was it?
Day: 8 of 14
Packs eaten: MRP oat porridge, MRP chilli x 2, MPR choc peanut bar
Water: 4 litres plus KK tea and coffee
How was it?
A bit about today:
So happy to have MRP chilli!!! It will be on sale now. I had 2 today cos I loved having something different. Now I have 3 products to choose from for 2 meals, whoop. It made a big difference to my day.
I am also happy with a 12lb weight loss and 6 inches off my under boobs, waist and hips (combined of course, lol). Roll on week 2!