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I asked my Facebook group member Debbie to take part in a trial of the Keto Kick Tea and to also follow my TFR plan for 2 weeks.

From her FB posts I knew she was struggling to stay on track.  She was stopping and starting and feeling like she was not getting anywhere.

I was so pleased she agreed to take part and she has done incredibly over the last 2 weeks.

In 2 weeks she has lost 1 stone, which is amazing as she is quite close to her target already.  And also 2.8 inches under her bust, 4 inches of  her waist and 2 inches off her hips.

We think the difference really shows.  Well done Debbie!

Debbie says of the KK Tea

"I would fully recommend the KK Tea I feel so much better.  I normally have low energy too but the KK Tea has helped so much plus mornings don't fel a chore now to get up.

I 100% recommend the KK Tea!"

Debbie also filled in a log for us.


Day: 1 of 14

Packs eaten: mrp bar spaghetti bolognese strawberry porridge cottage pie. Total calories 666, carbs 60.5g.
Water: 3 litres 100ml skimmed milk 2kk tea night tea
A bit about today: had my first keto tea at 1,30 then again at 2,30 lovely smell to it and tasted lovely ,had a bit of a dry mouth afterwards but drunk more water and i was ok .night tea smelt nice let both teas soak for ten mins but can leave shorter or longer time ,did feel a bit hungry about 5 0 clock but had another pack out of my 4 plus more water and felt fab then .had my fourth pack around 8 0 clock ...just drinking my nght tea and again like the day tea it as a lovely refreshing taste ,so been 100 percent and must say its good to feel proud of todays achievements ,my grandson made cookies in school which normally i would pinch some lol then later on in evening my husband walked in with cod in batter from fish shop ,what he left went straight into the recycling food bag ,,not my mouth ..bring on tomorrow
Date: 20-03-18
Day: 8 of 14
Packs eaten: mrb strawberry porridge cottage pie strawberry porridge
Water: 3litres water .100ml skim milk 1 bovril 2kk tea 1night tea coffee
A bit about today: woke up early again weigh in this morning lost 7pound very very happy .feeling like a new person already love the tea the bars the packs ..excited x