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Jenna is a customer who has been on our TFR Plan since January 1st, along with packs left over from another company!

After nearly 10 weeks on the plan she found her weight loss was on average 3lbs a week and had lost nearly 3 stone already.

As she was fairly close to target and already in ketosis I thought she would make an ideal candidate for the KK Tea trial and I wanted to see if it could increase weight loss for people further on in their weight loss journey.

Jenna was not certain she had been in ketosis for the whole 10 weeks and was more than happy to try the KK Tea and see if it could make a difference.

She is very close to target now and often weight losses slow at this point.

Jenna says:

Hi! I’m Jenna, a 45 year old nurse, wife and dog lover. I’ve been ‘chunky’ most of my adult life but content, fit and sporty. In 2013 I was diagnosed with a serious illness and whilst I am well now I had to undergo several surgeries and invasive follow up treatments that left me inactive and with pain. I’m not complaining, I was healthy but unable to skate, run or go to the gym all of which had kept me from getting too heavy. So in 2017 I found myself eating like I did when I was more active, drinking like a rugby player and about 4 stones heavier than the day I was diagnosed. I researched vlcds and decided to start on Jan 1st 2018. Initially with a mix of Billy’s Diet products and another company’s too (it was free and I was born in Yorkshire so I know how to look after my money!).

I did 9 weeks without eating a single thing apart from packs and I've drank nothing but water, black coffee and herbal tea.  I'm nearly 3 sotnes down (a pound off) but because of the mixing the products I have been in and out of ketosis.  This next 2 weeks then is my final push, before I start to slowly introduce fresh food again and stablise my losses. "

In the 2 weeks of TFR and Keto Kick Tea Jenna has lost 9lbs, an increase on her 3lb a week average.  She also lost 3 inches under her bust, 3.5 inches off her wasit and 3 inches off her hips.

We would call that a win for the KK Tea!  Increased weight loss and a good inch loss too.  Well done Jenna!

Jenna completed a log for us!

Date: 16/03/18

Day: 4 of 14 (75 overall)
Packs eaten: original porridge, coconut shake with unsweetened almond milk, seed bar, spicy spag bol
Water: 4l still, 500ml sparkling
How was it?
A bit about today:
My first day shift at work 1-9. Slept really well again, woke up full of energy and with no headache at all. Had breaky and a tea first thing and pottered around before having a shake and my second tea. Work was busy and I managed to hoover the bar up between visits and then get a little break for my supper. So in my jamas writing this with my night tea steeping. Tomorrow is a 14 hour shift so I’ll just have to see how I go. Day four though, pretty mint.
Date: 19/03/18
Day: 7 of 14 (78 overall)
Packs eaten: porridge, bar, cottage pie, strawberry shake
Water: 4l still, 1l fizzy
How was it?
A bit about today:
This night tea is really sorting my sleep out, another great night. Breakfast was lovely, I made the porridge with almond milk. Quiet morning because hubby was in bed after his nights. After my bar I took the dog out for a ramble round the woods, I was full of energy and it was a lovely sunny afternoon. I’d had my day teas by then too. We went for a wander round a retail park and that’s where I messed up! Left it faaaaar too long between packs and was ravenously hungry and felt a bit lightheaded. Got back home and ate, but had to have my shake not long after. Lesson learned, and will be more mindful about timings from now on. It’s weigh in tomorrow, some weeks I can really tell that I’ve lost weight, this week I can’t really call it. I suppose we’ll see!