Keto Kick Tea

Receiving your order

Order in the next 2 days, 13 hours, 22 minutes and 52 seconds (before noon May 29, 2018) for dispatch on Tuesday 29th May. See our Shipping Information for details.

The Keto Kick has been on sale since 23 March and already we have had to re-order more stock!

Our Facebook group members have been commenting as they start with the KK Tea.

-The tea is alright isn't it, a bit savoury rather than zingy like the Better You Brew and totally drinkable.

-The night tea is fab.

-So happy it tastes lvoely and it is not going to be oh god I ahve to drink that everyday lol its a tea I'll look forward to drinking.

-Well I'm really enjoying the taste of the tea and the smell is lovely.

-I really love the taste and smell of the night tea.

-Well it smells gorgeous when you pour the water on!

-I've had my first cup of tea.  Quite pleasant to drink.

-Just a wee update.  I'm on day 3 but day 2 of the Keto tea.  Normally at this stage I've has the headache but I'm freezing the heating is in full blast and I'm like the mitchlin man with 6 layers on BUT i'm feeling great.  No signs of the Keto flu.  Thanks for the tea.

-Thank you for my parcel, super fast delviery as always... Just had my first keto tea and it's quite nice.  Looking forward to the night timeone later.

-I noticed when I had my second cup of tea that is made me feel really calm and not feel agitated because I was so hungry.

-My body has not used to the night time tea now and I no longer have to get up to the loo during the night and I sleep soundly right through.