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Citric Acid and Ketosis

Citric Acid (CA) is found naturally in fruit juice as well as being an additive in fruit squashes, fizzy drinks and other products.

There is some contention about CA when following a ketosis plan, with a lot of people avoiding it completely. Research shows that it can knock some people out of ketosis and the general rule seems to be it is best to avoid it. Billy has always had CA and stayed in ketosis. It appears some people are sensitive to it whilst others are not!

The problem is that it is in a lot of drinks – including squash and diet fizzy drinks. If you struggle to drink plain water then CA could potentially be an issue for you. With ketosis you need to drink at least 2 litres of water per day for it to work and this should be on top of the liquid from your sachets.  

We sell a Peach Tea Drainer drink which is made into 1.5 litres of liquid.  It does not contain CA and is designed to stop you retaining water.

Last year we employed a dietician to look at our plans and products and we asked her about CA. She could not understand why it was an issue and felt like the amounts that are found in drinks are so small they could not make a difference. However she was swayed by the amount of people who claim it does affect them. She suggested waiting until you were fully in ketosis before having any CA and then to try it and see what happened. 

As a company we have decided to give you unbiased info on CA. You need to consider the facts and make a decision for yourself.

Please do let us know if or how CA affects you if you try it. That way we can have a better understanding of it.