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Billy's Diet Everyday Ketosis Plan

Our most popular ketosis plan!

If you have read our info pages and decided that our Everyday Ketosis plan is right for you, then this page will go into a lot more detail as to how the Everyday Ketosis plan can work.

Our Everyday guide and Everyday Ketosis food guide will be sent with your products as well.

When adding products on the Everyday Ketosis plans, you will notice a carb counter on the right hand side of the screen. This will work out your average daily carbs based on the sachets you chose. Each product has a pop up with a snap shot of info if you hover over the name. Click on the name and go to a detailed nutritional page. Click the X or press 'esc' on your keyboard to leave this page rather than your browser's 'back' button or it empties your basket selections!  You should aim for a maximum of 60g of carbs each day, including any additional food you add. 

Just want packs and no food?

On the everyday plan is it not easy to have just packs, as you need to consume at least 600 calories per day.  Whatever way you have the packs each day you will not reach 600 calories!

You could have 4 MRPs (shakes or porridge) but these will come to approx 540kcal.  If you mix the MRP products with 250mls of skimmed milk it will be enough calories (approx 872kcal) but you will then have too many carbs for ketosis. Under 600kcals and you will go into starvation mode and not lose weight.

One solution would be to mix the MRPs with Almond milk which is much lower in carbs and will give you enough calories.  For example 4 x MRP coconut shakes each made with 250ml of Almond milk will give you 740kcal and 50g of carbs, low enough in carbs for ketosis and high enough in calories. You will also then have 100% RI of your daily vitamins. 

Another solution would be to make the MRPs with water for approx 540 calories and the add a small amount of protein like a boiled egg, some cheese, ham, tuna for example. 

You can only do the Everyday Plan with no food or little food if you follow the guidelines above and only if you have 4 MRPs (shakes or porridge). Otherwise you will not be getting enough nutrients each day.

Want more choice than just shakes and porridge?

If you want to have a mix of our other products (meals, snacks, muesli, soups....) then you will still need to make sure you have 600kcal and will need to take a multi vitamin as well, unless you are having a full low carb meal with vegetable to make a varied diet. A copy of our Everday Ketosis food guide will be included with your order.

What can I expect to lose on the Everyday Ketosis plan?

When fully in ketosis your weight loss comes from your body burning stored fat.  Therefore calories taken in from other sources should not affect your weight loss.  Everyone is different but research shows a typical ketosis based weight loss of 1 stone per month.  At the start you can expect this to be faster, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.  The closer you are to your "healthy weight" target the slower the weight will come off.  There are many factors that can speed up and slow down weight loss.  If you want support on this please email Billy for her opinion.  Typically in your first month you can expect a big loss on week one and then much smaller losses for the rest of the month.  This is completely normal, frustrating but normal.  Your body needs time to get used to less calories and carbs and losing weight.

What is a typical day?

We are often asked what to have and when. Really it is up to you, you can have the packs in any order, any time of the day.

If you are having 3 sachets, a snack and some low carb food, a typical day might be:

Breakfast: MRP maple brown sugar porridge, made with water. (124kcal, 10g of carbs)

Lunch: MRP shake, made water. (140kcal, 14g of carbs)

Evening meal: HP+ Chilli (109kcal, 9.2 of carbs), with 100g of veg or salad. (broccoli is 34kcal and 7g of carbs per 100g)

Snacks: HP bar (121kcal, 2.8g of carbs), salad (17kcal, 3.2g of carbs, protein 100g (chicken breast 239kcal, 0.0g of carbs)

Total for the day 784kcal and 46.2g of carbs

Why Everyday Ketosis over VLCD or Extreme Ketosis?

If you think that you can stick with a ketosis plan then there are many reasons why it is better over a VLCD plan.  In particular in these situations:

  • where you are planning to diet non-stop for 4 weeks or more
  • for a special occasion to see a big difference in a short time
  • where you will not miss carbs!
  • where you want your packs to give you the majority of your food per day and it to be easy to add other low carbs foods but without having to prepare a whole low carb meal.
  • where you can avoid alcohol
  • if you are happy to drink a lot of plain water, especially if you are sensitive to citric acid
  • where you can be very organised over your food and count every mouthful
  • Ketosis plans work well in achieving rapid weight loss in short periods of time.
  • Ketosis plans might help to kick start your weight loss following a plateau.


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