TFR Plan Rules

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Rules for our Total Food Replacement (TFR) Plan.

For your health while doing a TFR Plan certain rules, limits and information needs to be given before you buy:

- The Plan has been approved by a qualified Dietitian, Sue Acreman.  She has written a guide for you to read, which can be found [HERE].

- This is a ketosis plan, you can find more info [HERE] on ketosis.

- You must have at least 50g of carbs and 50g of protein per day.  Because of this certain combinations are not available to buy, such as only choosing MRP choc shakes as it is not enough protein.  You may have to adjust your combination in order to add products to your basket.  You should aim for between 50-60g of carbs per day.

- You can only do this plan for 12 weeks continuously, after that you must take a break from ketosis.

- The plan is only for people who have a BMI of 30 or higher.

- The plan is designed to have no additional food other than the sachets.  You can have up to 100mls of skim milk, milk alternative or low carb yoghurt for tea and coffee.

- As most combinations of products mean you will be under 600 calories per day the diet MUST be used only with medical supervision.

- If your daily calorie average is over 600 calories you MUST still seek medicial guidance before you start and during the plan.

- If you have any medical conditions please check with your doctor before starting.

- If you feel unwell while doing the plan please stop and seek medical advice.

- Our Meal Replacement Products (MRPs) are made with added vitamins and minerals but these may not 100% cover your needs or may be too high, more info on the vitamin mix can be found [HERE].

- A potassium supplement may be advisable as this mineral is too low in some of our sachets, please seek medical advice on this.