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We are a small, family-run business. Our customers and customer service are very important to us. We want to offer excellent products, at reasonable prices to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

At Billy’s Diet we try to cater for different ways of dieting and once you have read this we hope you will know what you want to buy!

Our Products

We have 3 types of products.

Meal Replacement Products (MRP). These products are fortified with vitamins and minerals and are designed to replace a meal.

High Protein+ (HP+). These products do not replace a meal and are considerably lower in calorie and carbs to the MRP flavours.  

High Protein (HP).  These products do not have added nutrition and are very low in calories and carbs. 

Ways to Buy our Products

Billy’s VLCD Plan - Very Low Calorie Diet.

-This is our simplest plan. If you reduce your calories to less than you need each day you should lose weight.

Billy’s Everyday Ketosis Plan - A low carb diet with a daily carb limit of up to 60g.

-When you reduce your daily carbs to 60g or less you should go into ketosis. This is where your body burns stored fat for energy. This can result in fast weight loss.

Billy’s Extreme Ketosis Plan - A very low carb diet with a daily carb limit of around 25g.

-Some people need less carbs to get into ketosis. The Extreme plan has products that are our lowest carbs sachets.

Please click on the plan name for a more detailed look into our VLCD, Everyday, Extreme plans.

If you have not done a low carb/ketosis plan before then please read our “What is Ketosis?”, “Ketosis & You” and “Citric Acid & Ketosis” guides. 

We also offer bundles of products, to understand other ways to buy our products please click HERE.


As with all diets, please do consider what you are doing. We are not dieticians or nutritionists. With the exception of our TFR plan which has been approved by our Dietitian, Sue.

Changes in diet can have serious side effects. Please do further research before committing to a major diet change and speak to your doctor before starting.

With all diets, individual results can vary.

We are only a seller of products and do not offer a professional dietary advice service.

You MUST stop if you feel unwell while using one of our diets.

Reasearch suggests that you should not do a ketosis plan for more than 12 consecutive weeks.  On week 13 you should increase your calories and carbs for a week.  More information can be found on a internet search or you can email Billy.

FAQ / More Help

We maintain a Frequently Asked Questions page on this site, which should cover most common questions.

If this info does not answer your questions then please do get in touch. Send Billy an email or via the contact us form on the website.

Once you have made your purchase you can join our Closed Facebook Group. Membership is limited to customers only, so you'll have to ask to join.