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If you are ready to make a purchase but are not sure how to use our shop section then this should help!


The first products shown are our plans, VLCD, Everyday and Extreme Ketosis.

If you know which plan is for you then you can buy it here.

Other Categories

As long you know if you are low carbing or counting your calories the rest of our shop should be easy to understand.  While they are all similar products the difference is how you diet.

Billy's Diet Products of the Month - this is a new section featuring one of our range at really low prices.  Don't miss out on trying our products at the greatly reduced price.

Your choice MRP Bundles - this is for our 7 exclusive MRP shakes where you can chose your own flavours and quantities.  It is slightly more expensive but you can get exactly what you want.  You can also buy bundles of our 3 exclusive MRP porridges as well.  Both the shakes and porridge come in bundles of 21, 42 and 84.

Breakfast Products - here you can buy our breakfast type products in your own flavours and quantities.  The HP muesli is not on the bundles due to a higher purchase price.  It has its own bundles, also found here.

Savoury Meals & Snacks - here you can buy our savoury products.   A 6 pack bundle of our crisps, inluding our 2 new flavours, our HP Pizza Kits and Meal for topping and our HP+ meal bundles as well.

Sweet Meals & Snacks - here you can buy our sweet products!  Our MRP bar, our HP snack bars and also cake!

High Protein+ Products - want our extreme products in their own bundles?  Here you can find 21, 42 and 84 HP+ shakes/drinks bundles, and the meals and soups in bundles or 21 and 42.

High Protein Ready to Drink- by popular demand we stock ready-to-drink bottles of smoothie and shake-like drinks. You can find them here.

Atkins Products- we also sell the Atkins branded products, usually lower than the RRP as well.

Atkins Multi-buy Offers- buy more Atkins at once and save even more!

Water Flavourings & Accessories- we have just got our own shaker bottles with Billy's Diet printed on it and you can buy it here.  Also our Pineapple Fat Burners and Peach Tea Drainers in packs of 7 and 21 and our Blackcurrant Water Flavouring pots.

Trial Packs- we would much prefer you to buy a small selection rather than making a large purchase of products you may not like! Buying a trial can help you find out exactly what you like and don't like. They come in 1, 2 or 10 item packs. We also have a 10 item bundle of all our exclusive products here are well, 7 MRP shakes and 3 MRP porridges at a very low special price.

Stock Clearance & Sales Lines- want even more of a bargain?  Don't forget to look in this section to see our offers. If we currently have any products on clearance you will see this section.

And that is it!  Our shop explained.