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But we don't just sell it, we live it too. Billy still has a long way to go on her weight loss journey but she is seeing fast and effective weight loss. Recently Billy and 2 customers have been trialling our new Keto Kick Tea, proven to increase weight loss in ketosis by up to 37%. 

We want to offer our customers as much choice as possible and we now have over 60 products for you to choose from.  Please see the "Our Plans" section to find out how our products can help you or our "Shop" section. And if you need any more help then Billy is more than happy to help. You can contact her via the contact us page for a quick response. You can even like our Facebook page and message Billy directly.

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My friend Billy suggested I tried her diet after the birth of my 4th child. Over 2012 I used the products and have lost an amazing 4 stone... Every few months I do another week to maintain my weight.
I am so glad I tried her products. It worked for me and it can for you...*

Jennie, Nottingham