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All Products in Our Diet Plans (Keto, VLCD, TFR)

We have made a few changes to our plans at Billy's Diet.

Following customer requests we have split our plans in 2 sections.

Low Calorie - have less calories than your body need each day for steady weight loss.


Low Carb/Ketosis - ketosis can cause fast weight loss by reducing your carbs significantly each day.  It can be hard to stick too but the results are good!

A quick guide to our products.

MRP = Meal Replacement Product.  Full of vitamins and some minerals to replace a meal.

HP+ = High Protein Plus.  With 15% RDA of vitamins and some minerals.  Not enough to replace a meal but much lower in calories and carbs than the MRPs.

HP = High Protein.  With no added vitamins or minerals but very low in calories and carbs.


Billy's Diet plans, which is right for you?

VLCD - Very Low Calorie Diet

-our low calorie plan is for those who do not want to be in ketosis.  Have 4 packs per day and add fruit, snacks and even a homecooked meal.  Less restrictive and you will lose weight by having less calories than your body needs to function.


Ketosis Plans:

Total Food Replacement (TFR)

-our dietitian approved complete meal replacement plan, with 4 nutritious meal packs per day, it takes away the stress of food selection and worry about what you can and cannot have.  This plan encourages fast ketosis weight loss.

For this plan you would chose 4 MRP only per day from the low carb plan.

Everyday Ketosis

-a plan with 4 packs per day including snacks.  If you want packs and a small amount of food and still be in ketosis this is a great plan.  Have up to 65g of carbs per day for ketosis weight loss.

For this plan you would chose 3 packs and a snack or 4 packs per day from the low carb plan.  You will also need to add a small amount of food each day to ensure you have at least 600 calories each day but no more than 65g of carbs.

Extreme Ketosis

-want packs alongside a low carb homecooked meal each day?  Need to have less carbs or calories?  This plan has our lowest carb products, High Protein+ Hot Choc has just 88 calories, 2.3g of carbs and 15% RDA of your daily vitamins!

For this plan you would choose 3 HP/HP+ packs (plus the MRP tikka) and 1 snack or 4 HP/HP+ (plus MPR tikka) per day.  As the products are not designed to replace a meal you will need to add food each day.  Try to stick to around 30g of carbs and over 600 calories per day.

Not sure what ketosis is?  Read our guide [HERE]

A guide will be sent with your order with lots of info on the plans and how to get the best results.

Any questions click [HERE] to send Billy an email.


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