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40% OFF Mind & Body Brew - The Better You Brews - 2 week

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These teas are for the Mind and Body. Two separate teas, a day and night brew, that go hand in hand to help your liver, kidneys and lungs to function more efficiently and minimise cravings, boost energy, aid digestion and suppress your appetite. The Bilberry leaves minimise cravings for sweets whilst Hibiscus promotes a feeling of fullness. Astragalus is an incredible energy booster whilst Mate is an appetite suppressant. Two powerful teas for a Better You.
Billy was personally involved in testing this product and found it helped to keep her regular, which she finds a big issue especially when dieting. It did so much more as well including clearing up her spot prone skin and helping her hair to be less greasy.


Day: Astragalus 9%, Ashwagandha 9%, Ginger 7%, Mint 7%, Marshmallow 7%, Pomegranate Peel 7%, Bilberry Leaves 7%, Lime Flowers 6%, Lemon Grass 6%, Hibiscus 5%, Yerba Mate 4%, Pu-erh 4%, Sarsaparilla 4%, Chickweed 4%, Burdock Root 4%, Gotu Kola 4%, Holy Thistle 3%, Parsley 3%
Night: Ginger 15%, Mint 15%, Lemon Grass 12%, Rosemary 12%, Hibiscus 12%, Gotu Kola 10%, Pomegranate Peel 7%, Valerian 7%, Chamomile 5%, Bilberry Leaves 5%

Preparation Instructions

The Tea is a loose blend of leaves and is made in a teapot or with an infuser.
3 cups per day, 1 teaspoon per serving. 2 cups of the day brew (taken breakfast and afternoon) and 1 cup of the night brew (around 6-8pm).

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