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Now with 50% off - Blokes Brew aka BOOM - 2 week

Now with 50% off, while stock last. Boom is a herbal Pick-Me-Up tea for men that should help provide more energy, improve digestion, increase strength and support the prostate gland and other reproductive organs. This remarkable tea boasts orange peel for lowering cholesterol, Ginger for improving the health of the prostate and protecting against heart disease and Saw Palmetto may reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer. Sarsaparilla helps to improve testosterone levels in men and studies have seen a dramatic increase in sexual desire while taking it, therefore qualifying as an aphrodisiac. The active ingredients in the All Spice is a fantastic ingredient that adds to bone density and bone repair including relief from muscle aches.
Please consult with your Doctor before taking this Tea, if you are: pregnant, breastfeeding or have a medial condition.


Pomegranate Peel 14%, Hibiscus 14%, Saw Palmetto 11%, Orange Peel 9%, Ashwagandha 8%, Sarsaparilla 8%, Horny Goat Weed 8%, Cloves 6%, Ginseng 6%, All Spice 6%, Ginger 5%, Mint 5%

Preparation Instructions

The Tea is a loose blend of leaves and is made in a teapot or with an infuser.
3 cups per day, 1 teaspoon of Tea per cup. Usually taken at breakfast, lunch and early evening. Allow to steep for around 10 minutes before drinking.

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