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Over the last six years, we have helped many customers reach their goals and maintain their weight. Unfortunately not too many want to be featured on our website with before and after photos.

Here you will find some stories that our customers are kind enough to share publicly, you can find many more as well as ongoing conversations on our closed facebook group.

*These are the opinions of individuals and individual results may vary.

*Annie from Gloucester has lost over 6 and a half stone in a year with us:

"I started Billy's diet in July 2016 at 108 kg, 17 stone. I was type 2 diabetic with uncontrolled sugars and had chronic erosive gastritis.

I used the MRP shakes initially and as I lost weight I changed to extreme ketosis. 

I had a strict 600 cals and tried to stay below 20g of carb each day. I did have a cheat day every six weeks and had takeaway but usually something low carb like chicken kebab without the pitta or some veg based chinese without the sauce. I'm still fairly strict but I guess it just becomes a habit.

After 11 months I hit my goal of 68kg (10 stone 7lbs) and have maintained that weight to date by continuing to supplement breakfast and lunch with hp+ shakes and a low carb meal. I do have cheat/treats now but if my weight starts to creap up I do a week of keto.

I am now officially in Diabetic remission and have been off all meds for over a year. My gastritis still plays up very occasionally but on a whole my symptoms are barely there. 

I have gone from a size 22 to a 10 and am more active now than when I was in my 20's.

I also found the support amazing on the closed Facebook group from Billy and the other members too. It played a big part in my sticking to the plan.

Forever grateful 

Annie x"



*Sarah has lost 53lb in the last 13 weeks with us:


I started very low carb (ketosis) dieting 3.5 years ago. I did quite well but I fell ill with cancer for a second time and started to eat the wrong things when going through treatment and surgery and reached a weight of 15st3.

Only being 5ft5. I was certainly at my biggest and couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. My GP said I was okay to start a ketosis diet again as weight loss has so many health benefits and it works best for most people. I did some research online after trying a few companies previous and wasn’t happy with my results I was introduced by a friend to Billy’s Diet.

I have never looked back, the customer service is outstanding, the choice of food is fantastic and has the best taste, I’ve tried 3 other companies but by far Billy’s is the best. Not only is it great service and flavour the price is much lower than other companies, when budgeting for a small family it is very affordable.

In 13 weeks I have lost 53 lbs and I feel amazing for it, I have so much more energy and don’t get up feeling tired and sluggish and I naturally wake earlier (most days before my alarm!). Also my confidence and self-esteem levels have risen and the money I have saved on eating out or unhealthy treats I have managed to buy some lovely new clothes.

My advice to anyone starting a ketosis diet is to set small goals, accept you are changing your lifestyle and learning portion control, making healthier choices and most of all DO IT FOR YOU - NOONE ELSE! I learnt to not give in to comfort food when stressed or feeling down SAY NO! It made me feel good for the time I ate it, but the next day I felt bloated, sluggish and found it hard to start my day. I had very little energy. You may find that a low calorie diet does not work well for you, I am one of these people, so i switched to the Extreme Ketosis Plan after asking Billy’s Diet staff for advice and never looked back. You have 4 packs and one low carb/calorie meal a day. You will be surprised how hard it is to finish the food. The first couple of weeks is hard as you’re adjusting but for someone with very little willpower, if I can do this YOU CAN TOO!

Sarah is an active member of our Secret Support Group on Facebook and sent us this lovely picture that shows her weight loss since July 2015. Thanks, Sarah!




*Tasha got to her target with us and writes:

At 14stone 8lb and 5ft 5 I was 5 stone overweight and struggling to lose it, I tried every diet going and all I was loosing was pounds out my purse.

A friend was doing a vlcd diet [from another firm] and encouraged me to give it ago. What did I have to lose in giving it a go?

8 weeks I stuck it out and lost 8lb, I was miserable with not sitting with my family to enjoy meal times, I hated the way I had let myself get so fat... I was heavier than when I had my baby! 

I came across Billy's Diet and ordered the extreme ketosis plan as it allowed me to incorporate real food into the diet. I remained doubtful that this diet would work. Well, Billy's Diet was the best tasting and wasn't overpriced compared to other vlcd companies, so I stuck it out and achieved my goal of loosing over 5 stone. I now weigh 9st 2 and can finally feel confident in the way I look and it's all down to Billy's Diet.

Billy and her team provided me with the support and encouragement I needed throughout my journey and are still there in my journey to maintain. 


*Jennie writes:

My friend Billy suggested I tried her diet after the birth of my 4th child.  
Over 2012 I used the products and have lost an amazing 4 stone.
I went from a tight 18 to a size 12 very quickly, within 3 months, then over the rest of the year dieted on and off and got into a size 10 for Christmas 2012. I am pleased to say that 1 year on I am still a size 10.
I chose Billy's extreme products and mostly had 4 High Protein shakes per day and then a low carb meal in the evenings with my family.  
I found it so easy to follow and enjoyed cooking new low carb recipes.
Every few months I do another week to maintain my weight. Once I am in ketosis I find I have no hunger and it fills me full of energy as well.  
I am so glad I tried her products. It worked for me and it can for you. I am always telling people about Billy's Diet when asked how I lost my weight.


*Dave says:

My wife wanted to try a low carb diet and found Billy's Diet online. She bought products for herself and volunteered me as well. To be honest I was not sure I could stick it but I managed it! I did 2 weeks on the everyday plan and it was surprisingly easy. I lost 21lbs! And just in time for the Christmas party to which I wore a suit that has not fitted in years.


*Christina uses our products:

I had a baby in 2013 and put on quite a bit of weight.
I know Billy personally and she suggested I tried her diet to lose some of the baby weight.
I have done ketosis plans in the past so knew that they could work well.
I chose to use the High Protein products as they are the lowest in carbs and then I could add low carb meals as well.
I was challenged to see how much I could lose in 2 weeks. I lost 16lbs and can see a big difference to my shape.
I will continue again after Christmas and will hopefully have some before and after pictures soon to show off on here.


*Barbara said:

I have done The Cambridge diet in the past and these shakes taste much better.
I lost 6lb in 1 week. The bars taste lush and it was all delivered on time, thanks!


*Sue sent us a note:

Hi Billy,

After two two week sessions, I've lost 6.5 kilos!!-- just about a stone. This is so much easier to stick to than a conventional diet ------ much less desire to cheat by having bigger portions------ everything is there for you. Here's hoping the last two sessions yield similar results.

Thanks for everything

*These are the opinions of individuals and individual results may vary.